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Rpay Payroll Card Balance Enquiry & Benefits

    The Rpay Payroll Card is created by Al-Rostamani International Exchange for employees in the UAE. This card helps employees deposit their monthly salary into their accounts. With the help of employees get their wages on time and in proper ways in their Rpay card. There are other benefits of Rpay Payroll Card which we will share with you in today’s article. Apart from this, you will also be provided with information about Rpay Payroll Card Balance Enquiry.

    Rpay Balance Enquiry (Al Rostamani Balance Check)

    Al Rostamani International Exchange is providing Rpay Payroll Cards to WPS (Wages Protection System) and NWPS (Non-Wages Protection System) companies. With this, these companies issue monthly salaries (wages) to their employees. Al Rostamani International Exchange’s Rpay card is licensed by the central banks of the UAE, which is why this card is used by most companies in the UAE.

    This service is specifically designed for companies operating in these UAE free zones:

    • RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone)
    • DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone) (Dubai)
    • Hamriyah Free Zone (Sharjah)
    • RAKIA (Ras Al Khaimah Investment Zone)
    • Sharjah Airport Free Zone (Sharjah)

    Rpay Payroll Card Benefits

    • Calculation: Reduces the risk of other errors in calculating an employee’s salary such as salary deduction, bonus add or reduction, etc.
    • Security: Al-Rostamani International Exchange provides employees with the best security system for their accounts with the help of the Rpay Payroll Card. Due to accounts of the employees remain quite secure.
    • Management: Employees can access their accounts by installing the Al-Rostamani International Exchange app. From which he can send his money anywhere or withdraw from an ATM.
    • Peace of mind: Al-Rostamani International Exchange is licensed by the UAE Central Bank, giving you the peace of mind that your balance is safe and your income is received through legal channels.
    • Reduced burden: Performs payroll activities that save your team time.

    Rpay Payroll Card Balance Enquiry

    One of the many advantages of Rpay Payroll Card is that you can check your Rpay Payroll Card balance anytime. You don’t need to go far for this. There are two ways to check the Rpay Payroll card balance. First is to know the balance by installing the ARIE app and second is to understand the balance with the help of SMS Alerts. See below how to use both methods.

    Check Balance With the ARIE app

    • Download the ARIE app from the Play Store on your smartphone
    • After installation login your account
    • Now click on Rpay Balance
    • Now Rpay Balance will be displayed on your screen

    Check Balance With SMS Alert

    For this process, you need to activate the SMS alert service from Al Rostamani International Exchange. With the help of SMS Alert, you will receive information about any transaction through SMS. A small amount per message will be deducted from your account to restore the SMS service. But this way you can easily avoid any fraud and be aware of your current balance at all times.

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