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Best Ways to Recharge Hafilat Card Online

    Just as you need a NOL card to travel in Dubai, the same Hafilat card is designed to travel in Abu Dhabi. You have come to the right place to know how to recharge your Hafilat card online. If you want to travel in Abu Dhabi, you don’t need to carry cash in your pocket to pay the fare. UAE travelers in Abu Dhabi are offered a Hafilat card valid for 30 days or up to 5 years.

    With the Hafilat Card, you can keep your travel balance in the Hafilat Smart Card. From this, you can easily travel in Abu Dhabi buses or any ride. Hafilat Card plays an important role in traveling in Abu Dhabi. You must recharge your Hafilat card to travel to Abu Dhabi. So in today’s article, we will guide you on the Best Ways to Recharge your Hafilat Card Online.

    Hafilat Card Recharge Online

    Best Ways to Recharge Hafilat Card Online

    You can recharge your Hafilat card without visiting any branch or merchant shop. If you have a smartphone and internet, open from your mobile browser, the official website of Hafilat. After opening the website you will see the “Recharge Card Button” on the screen press the button and enter your card serial number.

    Now you will see your remaining balance on the screen and allow recharge amount. You can recharge a minimum of 10 AED on a Hafilat card. Enter your desired recharge amount and click on payment process.

    Pay with your debit or credit card. Now you will receive a balance recharge receipt email on your registered email. In this email you will get your order number and payment successful notification, now your card has been recharged.

    Hafilat Recharge Balance Check Online

    • Download the Darbi App from the Play Store: Install the Darbi App on Android, IOS, or Huawei smartphones. After installing, you need to install the Darbi App.
    • Log in or create a new account: After opening the app log in with your account credentials which you need to provide a username and password, if you don’t already have an account, you may need to create an account on the Hafilat official website which is very easy.
    • Enter Your Hafilat card No: Find the section My Cards option or Hafilat card services. and enter your Hafilat card no.
    • Check Balance: Click on the Darbi app on the corner and click on the check balance option to check your Darbi card balance.
    • View your transaction history: If you want to view your transaction history, click View Transactions within the app to access this information. The app will then display your Darbi card balance and transaction history.

    Hafilat Card Monthly Pass

    If you ride the buses a lot in Abu Dhabi, you should get the Hafilat Card Monthly Pass. With its help, you can ride these unlimited buses for a month. You can also get discounts on bus fares in Abu Dhabi. Find out the benefits and prices of the Hafilat Card Monthly Pass below.

    • Cost: You pay 80 dirhams (AED) for the pass
    • Time: The pass lasts for 30 days from the day you buy it
    • Rides: During those 30 days, you can take UNLIMITED bus rides in Abu Dhabi

    This is a good deal if you use the bus every day or almost every day. It’s like buying a bunch of bus tickets at once but at a cheaper price. The Hafilat Card Monthly Pass is designed for almost everyone in Abu Dhabi and anyone can get it for 80 AED per month.

    Hafilat Recharge Customer Care Number

    Call Hafilat Customer Service at (+97125507472) or (+97125502155) from your registered number. The representative will ask you for your Hafilat Card Number, and provide him with your Hafilat Card number. After that, a customer service representative will ask you about your problem. Tell the representative about your problem and get your problem solved over the call.

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