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DU Tourist SIM Card Offers – Visitors Plan and Prices

DU Tourist SIM Card Offers

DU is the second-largest telecom network in the UAE. It also offers free SIM facilities to new visitors to Dubai. If you go to the UAE, you will find their SIM shops at the airports of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai. DU Free SIM provides 1 GB of data which can be used for 24 hours. But if you want free minutes of SMS or internet for more days, you can buy DU’s Tourist SIM which starts at 49 AED. In today’s article, we will share with you DU Tourist SIM prices, package information, and other information.

DU is used in UAE due to low prices and good services. Whether you are visiting UAE for 7 days, 10 days, or 15 days, here are the various packages. Make your favorite offer and make your trip memorable. DU also provides Wi-Fi internet, and 5G internet facilities to its new customers. DU Wi-Fi is used wherever DU signals are available. Also to use 5G or 4G you must have a 5G or 4G device.

Du Tourist SIM Card Prices

DU SIM is continuously working to provide various facilities to its new users. Below are SIM data from free SIM to AED 139. One can get minutes SMS and internet by selecting these plans. You can use Internet Calling on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Botim, and WhatsApp.

PlanSIM PriceDataValidityMinutes & SMSInternet Calling
Tourism Free SIMFree SIM1GB24 HoursUnlimited
Most PopularAED 492GB28 Days30 Flexi MinsUnlimited
Best ValueAED 996GB28 Days30 Flexi MinsUnlimited
PremiumAED 13910GB28 Days30 Flexi MinsUnlimited
Du Tourist SIM Card Prices

DU SIM of the above packages can be used for up to 28 days. So if you are a visitor in UAC for 1 month then the above packages are best for you. Note that the packages mentioned above are only available to UAE tourists. Existing customers in the UAE are not eligible to avail of this offer. Below are the details of the following DU Visitor SIM card packages.

DU Visitor SIM card packages

ValidityDataFlexi MinutesUnlimited Internet CallsPriceAl Saada Discounts
28 DaysUnlimited400 MinsYes139 AEDYes
14 DaysUnlimited200 MinsYes99 AEDYes
7 DaysUnlimited100 MinsYes49 AEDYes
28 Days20 GB30 MinsYes99 AEDYes
28 Days10 GBYes69 AEDYes
28 Days6 GBYes49 AEDYes
28 Days2 GB29 AEDNo
24 Hours1 GB100 MinsYes49 AEDYes
28 Days2 GB30 MinsYes49 AEDYes
28 Days6 GB30 MinsYes99 AEDYes
28 Days10 GB30 MinsYes139 AEDYes
28 Days20 GB30 MinsYes189 AEDYes
7 DaysUnlimited100 MinsYes199 AEDYes
14 DaysUnlimited200 MinsYes299 AEDYes
DU Visitor SIM card packages

FlexiMint and SMS on offer can be used for international and local calls. Use other Internet calling data on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Bootem, and WhatsApp. Visitors can use the SIM card as a form of payment after the DU Tourist SIM package offer ends.

To check more DU offers, dial *101# or visit du. ae official website. Get 100GB free on the DU SIM app if you are using DU Prepaid SIM for the first time. To order SIM at home visit DU’s official website and order SIM at your address.

Du Pay As You Go SIM Card

Du Pay as You Go SIM Card provides service to its users without any monthly fee. If you want to get the Du Pay as You Go SIM card without any contract, it provides 2 flexi minutes international and local. With which you can make domestic or international calls and there are no monthly charges.

Prepaid Easy

  • Free SIM card with credit only for AED 25, AED 45.
  • Make unlimited calls to just 1 du number.
  • Additional minutes and data facilities are available.
  • DU app special offers (up to 2GB free data)
  • No commitment.

Flexi Prepaid

  • Customizable plans with various data and minute options
  • Build your plan with the flexibility to change it anytime
  • Free SIM card
  • No commitment

Pay As You Go Plus

  • For business users
  • Starting from 240 AED/month
  • Multiple recharge options
  • Wide range of add-ons

Other PAYG options

  • Tourist SIM: Free 1 GB data, available at Dubai airports
  • Special offers: Limited-time promotions on specific plans

DU Out of Bundle Charges

Details of DU Out of Bundle Charges are here. It has default rates applicable.

Charge TypeWithin UAEInternationally
National Calls38 fils/minVaries
National SMS19 fils/SMS63 fils/SMS
National MMS47 fils/MMSN/A
DataAED 1/50KBAED 1/50KB

DU Tourist SIM Card Add-on

Feature2GB (AED 55)4GB (AED 105)10GB (AED 155)Unlimited Data (AED 139/28d, 199/7d, 299/14d)30 Flexi Min. (AED 35)100 Flexi Min. (AED 99)Unlimited Internet Calls (AED 15)Other
Data2 GB4 GB10 GBUnlimited____________
Voice____________30 flexi minutes100 flexi minutesUnlimited calls to popular apps (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype)___
Validity4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks28 days, 7 days, 14 days4 weeks4 weeks4 weeks___
Other Features_____________________Unlimited Music Pass (AED 15), Unlimited Chat Pass (AED 15), Al Saada discounts

If in any case your DU package or data has expired prematurely due to heavy usage, then you can activate the DU add-on service. This add-on is available in 24-hour or weekly packages for passenger SIM card users. You can activate tourist add-ons by dialing *055# or manage your account by dialing *135#.

How to buy a DU SIM Card in UAE?

It is straightforward to get a DU SIM Card Free or Paid SIM both of which are shared with you. If you have your passport or ID card, go to any DU SIM Card business center, nearby retail, or store and buy a DU tourist SIM card. Activate your sim by selecting any one of the Tourist SIM card complete packages shared above.

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