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Simple Ways to Check Case Status Online By Emirates ID

    There are easy ways to Check Case Status Online By Emirates ID in the United Arab Emirates. If you have a police case against you or a case in the United Arab Emirates and want to go abroad, you need to clear your police case first. If a police case has been registered against you, you will be detained at the airport. This is also a risk of losing money on your ticket.

    Therefore, before traveling from the United Arab Emirates to another country, you should examine your case by identifying your Emirates. We will tell you some ways below. Following these steps, you can check your or anyone else’s case online using your Emirates ID. Let’s go and learn how to check the case.

    Case Status Checks in the UAE/Dubai

    In the UAE you may face various legal situations. You may have to file your case in different conditions based on the circumstances. You may need to check your case online after filing a case. Due to this, you can plan more in your case. A case is filed in the UAE for different.

    In which some cases are mentioned below:

    • Court Cases
      Court cases include disputes resolved through the court system, including civil matters such as contract or personal injury claims.
    • Police Cases
      These arise from incidents reported to the police, such as theft, traffic violations, injury to a person, or property damage.

    Information to check your case in the United Arab Emirates can be limited. In major cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, or Sharjah, online examination of this case can be done with its Emirates ID. We will share this information with you in this article.

    Check Case Status in the UAE/Abu Dhabi

    There are some famous ways to check your case in the United Arab Emirates. These include the use of the Dubai Police website or app. Find out how to check your case using the Dubai Police website or app. Also in the list below, we will tell you about checking online cases in all UAE cities.

    • List Image
      You need to purchase a SIM card to travel within the UAE. With the help of this SIM card, you will not have any problem contacting anyone.
    • List Image
      You may need SIM cards there if you are visiting the UAE for work or travel. Choose the right SIM to connect you with your loved ones after moving to Dubai or UAE.
    • List Image
      ADCB Bank is the most famous financial institution in UAE like FAB Bank and NBAD Bank. ADCB Bank Account can be opened in 2 ways.
    • List Image
      The United Arab Emirates has been reducing petrol prices for a long time. Petrol prices were hiked in May 2024.

    Check Case Status Online with Emirates ID

    The process of checking case status online using Emirates ID is the same in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman. The Federal Authority for Idea and Citizenship (ICP) can use the website. This website lets you check your case status with your Emirates ID online. The department is also a private department that issues UAE IDs. Look below the way and see the status of your case.

    • Open your browser on your mobile phone or computer
    • Visit the ICP website (
    • Enter your Emirates ID number or your application number (PRAN) in the designated field
    • After adding the number you should see a down arrow
    • Click the arrow button to view the status of your application
    • Now your case status will be displayed on your screen

    Remember not to open any local website when entering your valuable data. You need to open this link ( to check your case. It is the official ICA website of the United Arab Emirates. This allows you to track your new Emirates ID requests in the UAE.

    You cannot track the status using your Emirates identification number if you have applied for a new identity or alternative due to loss. In these cases, use your application number (PRAN). For further assistance or inquiries, contact the Call Center on ICA 600522222 for more information.

    Contact Dubai Police to Check Your Case Status

    If your case is not being checked using the above methods, you may need to contact the police. Visit the official website of Dubai Police and inquire about your case with Dubai Police through live chat. You can also check your case status by contacting Dubai Police on hotline 901.

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